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How much do we charge for cleaning?

Price ultimately depends on the size of your vacation rental property, how many guests it sleeps, how many bathrooms, size of floor space to be cleaned and what condition your guests have left your Airbnb property in when they leave.


Pricing includes disinfecting cleaning processes as advised by NSW Dept of Health.

Price guide for Monday to Friday cleans, linen cleaning is extra:

  • 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, sleeps 2 - from $95 (used sofa bed extra $25)

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, sleeps up to 4 - from $160

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathroom, sleeps up to 6 - from $180

  • 4 bedrooms, 2/3 bathrooms, sleeps 8 + - from $280

  • 5 bedrooms + 2/4 Bathrooms, sleeps 10 + - from $380


Surcharges are added for Weekend and Public Holiday cleans and are as follows:

Saturday - 35%

Sunday - 45%

Public Holidays - 70%

We can organise external window and eternal property cleaning.

We offer an emergency call out service (etc drop off extra keys, lockbox issues) - $80

We do property inspections in preparation for short term renting.

We can can provide all guest supplies as requested.


Laundry cleaning is outsourced to a commercial laundromat. This service is a wash, dry and fold. If you require ironing additional costs will be charged per item.

Wash, dry fold service costs are between $40 and $75+ depending on the volume of the property linen. 

GST is added to all invoices.


Included in our pricing are after cleaning reports with photos.

If your property has been damaged or trashed by guests that will result extra cleaning or damage repair fees we will provide you with many photos for an Aircover claim with Airbnb. 

We will keep an eye out for any maintenance that may need doing. 

We suggest you have an inventory listing everything in your Airbnb property and including a basic property condition report so that we can check all this off at the time of cleaning to make sure all is in order. We let you know how your guests have left your property for your guest reviews. 

We suggest a routine deep clean (extra fee added to cleaning fee) every 3 months to ensure your property is kept in a clean pristine condition.

We also suggest touch up cleans (dusting etc) before new guests go in if your property has been dormant for a while.


We supply our own environmentally friendly cleaning products and use all our own cleaning equipment and supplies that is included in our pricing.

Our pricing also takes into account that we are providing you with a professional hospitality cleaning service of the highest standards.

Our invoices are all emailed out weekly with an option to pay via bank deposit. We ask that invoices are paid within 5 days of receipt.

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